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Updated: May 19, 2019

“Nearly all successful businesses are conducted under some form of co-operation”

-Napoleon Hill

Networking is a valuable factor in running a business. It is important to have alliances with others for support such as: advice, resources ,motivation, and to gather creativity from. The wealth of opportunities and possibilities, created when like minded individuals come together are immense. Connecting with others may lead to, partnerships, investors, new businesses, and more.

Information and advice. Utilize networking events for education. Communicating with other business owners, within the same industry, will help you gain different points of views, from another person’s experience.Receive advice on techniques and resources to help you penetrate the market. On-line platforms are helpful as well, for a broad network of information.

Resources. Think about it. You may not connect with the person who can help you, but they may know the person who can. Other business owners can offer, a more productive and cost effective way to run your business. Such as a list of suppliers, services, and other beneficial referrals. An ally may want to solicit a service from you, or may refer someone to you for your service. As the saying goes, It's not what you know, It's who you know. Want to add a caption to this image? Click the Settings icon.

Motivation and Creativity. Pull energy from your web of allies for encouragement. Use the success and failures of others to keep up momentum. Make connections and possible friendships for support. Collaborating with other business associates may inspire new ideas. Success is in organized effort and concepts.

Here we are! 1-Collab Event Group...Networking is in the foundation of our company.

Three individuals with non-related small businesses, who came together with the purpose of helping one another market each other’s products and services.That was the idea in the beginning. Now, our goal is not only to build a strong network base for ourselves, but to also help others do the same.


Author: Monic P/1-Collab Event Group

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