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Planning can be a headache and you may soon find yourself in the comfort of procrastination.

I like to describe my relationship with procrastination as that delusional friend who believes that they can still fit into their favorite pants from 3 years ago.

If you're anything like me then you may get overwhelmed and anxious when presented with a project-next thing you know you're rushing and hoping that everything falls into place as you try to complete said project last minute.  Although, I do not condone completing projects last minute, I must admit that some of my best work was done last minute, but all that did was create more anxiety and temporary satisfaction.

The first step to overcoming any bad habit (and boy, is procrastination a bad one) is to admit that you have a problem. Once I realized that my best could be better if I just planned it out, I was able to come up with ways to make my time work for me. I learned to create deadlines for myself and hold myself accountable.

Extra tip: I sometimes push my deadline ahead of time by 2 days or so as this allows me time to still get things done in case life does what it does best. As a serial entrepreneur and an corporate employee, it it very easy to get lost in all of my responsibilities. I understand the roller coaster of emotions, so I leave you with one final piece: Do not be afraid to write your thoughts out- even f it seems like it's gibberish. To write is to manifest. You'll end up a better entrepreneur and person.

Plan better, do better.

Proper planning prevents procrastination is a series.

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Written by La'Trice Jenkins

Poet, Event Enthusiast and Occasional Blogger 

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