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In my last blog I mentioned that you should write out your goals, plans - your thoughts in general. This is vital and I feel that it is often overlooked or half done as I have experienced that seeing your goals on paper brings about a higher level of clarity. 

I can sense that you're thinking that you're not a "list person" - that's rubbish. You are a list person, or at least you will be by the end of this blog. Keep in mind there is no wrong or right way to write YOUR list. But there are a few important things to take note of.

1.) Breathe.

 I mean consciously breathe. Be mindful of your breathing. Take as many breaths as you may need until you feel calm.

2.) Don't overdo it. 

It is a list, not an award winning essay. 

3.) Start small.

 You have to crawl before you can walk.  Yes, you want to make a million dollars, but how?

Know the difference between short and long term goals.

4.) Don't be afraid of change.

Change is inevitable. It's ok to rearrange your list to adjust to life's curve balls, just do not lose focus on your endgame.

5.) Stay positive.

6.) Hold yourself accountable.

Make deadlines for yourself. Get an goal friend. Whatever you have to do to train yourself to get to work and stop procrastinating!

7.) Compartmentalize.

Have a variety of list for all the things in your life. 

8.) Have fun.

I, personally enjoy list. In fact, writing this list for you was such a joy that I may make one for myself just for the heck of it. Buy pretty stationary, colored pens/pencils - get creative with your list.

Best Wishes,

La'Trice Jenkins Eclectic Eye Inc

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